Product Care

Every piece of jewelry requires love and care to preserve its appearance and longevity.We carefully source high-quality metals from North America and create each jewelry, one by one in Vancouver, Canada.

Please read carefully and enjoy your jewelry!


Day-to-day Care

When metal is exposed to air, they naturally tarnish, but certain conditions can speed up the tarnishing process.

Strong chemicals, chlorine, sulfur, ammonia and even salty air, humid air, cosmetics, hairspray and perspiration can cause tarnish. To prevent tarnish as much as possible, we recommend that you store your jewelry in a dry and safe place before doing any of the following:

 -Jumping into a pool, bath, ocean and hot springs

-Attending sports and exercise activities

-Cleaning using chemicals

-Using hairspray, lotion, cosmetics and fragrances


 How to Clean Metals

First, wash gently with warm water with mild dish soap and dry with a clean cloth. There are many ways to clean jewelry, but a good quality jewelry polishing cloth is recommended to use. 

An Ultra fine nail buffer (4000 grit) for manicure and pedicure will also work very well to clean up and polish metal surfaces. If there is a gemstone on your piece, make sure to polish only the metal part of your jewelry, but not the gemstones.


 How to Store Jewelry

After cleaning up your jewelry, wash it again with warm water and mild dish soap and dry it very well. Make sure there is no oil, dirt, salt, lotion or chemicals on your jewelry and keep the jewelry in a fresh clean ziplock bag. Now, you can store your jewelry somewhere safe.